Linear Equations

The rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division described in previous lessons will apply when solving linear equations. Before continuing this course it may be worthwhile to review the basic math laws in previous modules.They are:

Solution to Algebraic Equations

The equation is the most important concept in mathematics. That is the main reason why students must do their best to master this topic.

Algebraic Equations

There are two kinds of equations: identities and conditional equations. Student will be able to understand clearly the difference between those 2 topics.

Types of Algebraic Equations

Algebraic equations can have any number of unknowns. Students will have enough knowledge to work those problems out.

Solving Linear Equations

There are four axioms used to solve linear equations. Students will be able to learn and understand when to use them.

Solving Fractional Equations .

A fractional equation is an equation containing a fraction. The fraction can be

either a common fraction or a decimal fraction. The unknowns can occupy any position in the equation.