Fractions: Understanding Basic Fraction

Who can say, they do not use fraction in everyday life?  There are times that you buy portions of things rather than the whole thing. Example: a slice of pizza. You may buy part of a pound rather than the whole pound. Example:In the fruit market you may buy a half pound of grapes, rather than the whole pound. This chapter explains to students some basic understanding of fractions. In it you will learn the followings:

What is a Fraction

Kinds of Fractions

Equivalent Fraction

Raising Fractions to Higher Terms

Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms

Changing an improper fraction to a mixed number

Change a mixed number to an improper number

Finding Common Denominators

Comparing Fractions

Prime and Composite Numbers

Prime Factorization

Factors, Divisors, and Multiples

Greatest Common Factor

Least Common Multiple