Commercial Arithmetic

Commercial arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that deals  money matters. Commercial arithmetic  is used in many areas of our daily activities. The applications of commercial arithmetic are enormous, they are found  in:

1) Banking Services

2) Budgeting your money

3) Consumer spending and discounts

4) Saving and investing

5) Mortgages and Taxes

6) Car financing

As a consumer, it is very important to educate ourselves on becoming an informed shopper, which simply means making the best possible decisions with our money.

What you're about to learn, is important. Therefore, take time to learn and become familiar with these processes which are widely used in our daily living. Therefore,  it is our goals, our wishes once you master the concepts behind each of those topics, you will spend your money smartly, and in the process becoming  a better and, an educated consumer. Let’s get start by learning the following principles:



Sales Tax

Percent Increase and Decrease

Simple Interest

Compound Interest




Car Loan

Mortgage Loan