Arithmetic Properties

There are three basic Arithmetic properties . They are: Associative Property, Commutative Property, and Distributive Property. There are 5 other properties.

Associative Property

This property states, that the sum of addends, whether it's three or more numbers does not change in groupings. Also the associative property is good for your later on challenges and can be applied for addition and multiplication.

Commutative Property

Webster defined this word as exchanging, or switching things around. This type of arithmetic operation is not going to change the result by reversing the order of the numbers. Therefore, the commutative property satisfied both the multiplication and addition operations.

Distributive Property

When a number or a variable is being multiplied by a sum or difference, multiply that value by each quantity inside the parentheses.

Multiplicative Identity

Students will be able to learn and recognize the identity property of multiplication which is also known as the multiplication of one.

Properties of Zero

In this module will learn and understand the different properties of Zero in math

Property of Inequality

This is designed to help students to understand the property of Inequality.

Properties of Equality

In this module students will learn and understand the 8 properties of equality.