Algebra Word Problems

This chapter covers ways of setting up word problems and solving for the unknowns. But there ways to solve algebraic word problems, which can easily be solved by following these five basic steps:

Step 1. Let some letter, such as x, represent one of the unknowns.

Step 2. Express the other unknowns in terms of x using the information given in

the problem.

Step 3. Write an equation that represents in symbols exactly what the problemstates in words.

Step 4. Solve the equation.

Step 5. Check the answer to see that it satisfies the conditions stated in the problem. Therefore, it is very important for students to concentrate all their attention in this types of problems. In this module, the following will be covered:

1) Basic Approach to solving Algebraic Word Problems.

2) Steps for Solving Algebraic Word Problems.

3) Word Problems Involving Money.

4) Word Problems involving Motion.

5) Word Problems involving Quadratic Equations