Introduction to Algebra

More often than not, the introduction to algebra is defined as an extended sort of arithmetic. Therefore, to have a good grasp of algebra, one must have a clear understanding of arithmetic. Not only the basic operations used in arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Algebra used of all of them plus letters and symbols. To understand the language of algebra, students should learn the essentials of algebra such as basic concepts and terminology. For example:

Unknown. A letter used to represent a quantity whose value is not known. Such particular letter can be x, y, n, p, r, etc...

Like Terms: Any terms having the same literal factors,

Example: 5x and 8x,  6y and 2y

Unlike Terms: Terms not having the same literal factors. For example:

3y2 is not the same as 3y.

5b is not the same as 5b3.

Monomial: Algebraic expression with only one term. For example:

3x, 4y, 7y

Binomial: Algebraic expression with 2 terms. For example:

2x+ 3, 5y + 4

Polynomial: Algebraic expression with three or more terms For example:

x2 + 2x + 4.

Factor:  A factor is when two or more quantities are multiplied together, and the result is known as product.

Example: (2x + 2)(x + 1)

2x + 2 , The 2 in the 2x referred as Numerical Coefficient.