Goal and Hope

The sole purpose for creating this website, math-refresher.com, is simply to

educate, and to help:                                      

1) Students who are left behind.                                                            

Most often than not, they are left behind because they’re too embarrassed to ask

question in the classroom.

2) Also there are those who left school, because of personal problems, and would

like to return.                   

So, if you fall in any of those categories, you have come to the right place, this

website is here to help you, to teach you the skills you need to survive in today’s

economy, and the reason why you need Mathematics in today’s world. Math is all

around us today, it becomes an integral part of our daily living. It is the duty of

educators to give to students leaving schools with math skills and the confidence

to use them. Otherwise, they will struggle in the workplace, and with all their

finances. Most banks or financial institutions relied heavily on customers not

having the confidence to check their accounts for errors or to balance their check

books. Therefore, a good foundation and a good understanding of certain

mathematical principle is necessary for your reasoning skills. If not, you will be left

behind. With this idea in mind, this website is not only dedicated to give you the

tools necessary to succeed in life, but will motivate you. To those who did not

make it, at first, but would like to have a second chance. Yes, this website is also

for you, and let’s get to work, and I want to be a part of it.