Are You Struggling With Math?

If you answer positively to the above questions. I can help you learn math skills that are critical for success in life, and give you the confidence and the ability to overcome your fears. This website was designed for:

1) Parents who want their children to excel.

Are you a parent who struggles with math yourself? I can help you learn the skills. Then you can use your new skills to help your child. Everything is explained in simple terms and geared toward real-world skills that are critical for getting a job, managing your assets and your child’s success in life.

2) Students who want to better themselves. 

If you struggle in school and now are feeling frustrated and embarrassed of what others think of your math skills, it’s time to take action. You can Learn Math! And it’s a guarantee.   My simple exercises and lessons will prepare you for the better. We offer simple explanations of all key areas, such as: Very simple, and  basic arithmetic operations, such as: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. And later on, you will be able to learn about:  Fractions, decimals, percentages, simple and compound interests, mortgage loans, car loans, and metric systems.                                                                                                      3) May be you had to leave school through no fault of your own and never really understood basic math. I can help you, with the following:                                                                                

            A) Determine how much a loan will cost you.

            B) Figuring out sales tax and tip on your meal in a      restaurant.

            C) Doing a budget of your expenses. And many more life skills.

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